CCIA led Taiwan startups to international market

June 26, 2019

Liberty Times 李靚慧 (Read Original Article)

CDIB Capital Innovation Accelerator (CCIA), founded by CDIB Capital Innovation Accelerator Fund under China Development Financial, led Taiwan startups to Japan market and visited several Japan enterprises, such as LINE, this month.

▲ CDIB Capital Group’s Executive Vice President, Melanie Nan (second from the left, front row), and CDIB Capital Innovation Accelerator Fund’s President, Ryan Kuo (fifth from the left, front row), led Taiwan startups to enter Japan market (Photo was provided by China Development Financial)

The president of CDIB Capital Innovation Accelerator Fund, Ryan Kuo, stated that marketing overseas is the key for startups’ expansion. Therefore, CCIA has been cooperating intensively with Taiwan startups to learn what they need to go global and assisting them with its own abundant resources.

FunNow, KKday, AsiaYo, Viscovery and Cherri Tech were the five startups, ranging from tourism, artificial intelligence (AI) and fintech, participated in this visit tour formed by CCIA.

Ryan Kuo pointed out that CCIA aims to effectively connect Taiwan startups and Japan enterprises from commercial, technology, financial businesses by collaborating with all Taiwan startups and working as a team, instead of letting any Taiwan startup fight alone. Ryan Kuo believes the strategy would create better investment opportunities.

CCIA was founded by CDIB Capital Group under China Development Financial, providing a platform for startups, venture capital groups, notable enterprises and international accelerators. CDIB Capital Group has transformed its business to asset management, investing in startups which specialize in internet, IoT, mobile internet and e-commerce. The total amount of the fundraising is up to 129 million NT dollars.

News Coverage from: Liberty Times