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A Better Way for Retailers to Streamline Checkout Processes

Viscovery provides a better way for retailers to streamline checkout processes by significantly reducing the time required to train a new cashier to operate checkout and identify products, from 21 days to just 1 day. It also cuts down the time needed to identify multiple products from 60 seconds to just 1 second.

Scan by Appearance

No Barcode Needed

Viscovery uses Vision AI to identify multiple products by their appearance.

Scan Multiple Products within 1 Second

How It Works

Simple Steps to Integrate

Upload Product Images and List
Product Learning by Viscovery AI
Integrate with Existing POS System
Ready to Go

Easy Process to Visual Checkout

Put Products under the Camera
Product Recognition
Show Product List and Bills
Complete Payment and Pack Goods
Assisting cashiers to accelerate the checkout process through the use of AI-powered visual checkout
By simply adding a camera, store owners can upgrade their existing POS equipment to include AI product image recognition capabilities, helping store clerks speed up the checkout process.
In addition to helping store clerks speed up the checkout process, Viscovery Visual Checkout can also be installed in kiosk systems, providing consumers with self-service checkout options.

Full Self-Checkout
Enabling shoppers to check out on their own through the use of AI-powered visual Checkout

Why Viscovery

High Recognition Accuracy and Reliability

Simple operation for adding new product SKUs

Easy integration to the existing POS

Continuously improves on recognition accuracy

Our Customers

Use Cases in Unmanned Stores Restaurants, Canteens Bakeries Supermarkets

Unmanned Stores in Taiwan | Self-Checkout
Cake Store in Japan | Cashier-Assisted Checkout
It's so good
Bakery in Japan | Cashier-Assisted Checkout
Bakery in Japan | Cashier-Assisted Checkout
Cake Store & Bakery in Japan | Cashier-Assisted Checkout
Cake Store in Japan | Cashier-Assisted Checkout
Unmanned Stores in Japan | Self-Checkout
RT Baker House
Bakery Chain Stores in Taiwan | Cashier-Assisted Checkout
Bakery in Japan | Cashier-Assisted Checkout
U-o no mori
Cake Store in Japan | Cashier-Assisted Checkout
85°C Bakery Cafe
Bakery Chain Stores in the US and Taiwan | Self-Checkout
Bakery Chain Stores in Taiwan | Cashier-Assisted Checkout


We use state-of-the-art AI computer vision and deep learning technologies to train our models to visually identify items. With generative and self-supervised AI, our models can intelligently differentiate between similar items, much like a human can.

Viscovery AI system can identify a wide range of product items sold in bakeries, cake shops, micro-markets, supermarkets, and cafeterias.

Viscovery AI system can quickly identify multiple items at once, making it particularly suitable for products without packaging or barcodes such as bakery items, cakes, meals, and fresh produce. It significantly reduces the time required for staff to visually identify items and speeds up the checkout process. It can also recognize barcoded items, eliminating the need to scan each item individually and improving operational efficiency.


Viscovery AI system can be integrated with existing POS checkout systems to assist store staff during checkout, or with self-service checkout kiosks to provide customers with a convenient self-checkout option.

After adopting our solution, we measured our customers' checkout speed during cashier-assisted checkout and found that it reduced checkout time by up to 50%.


For unmanned stores, man-hour savings can reach 100%.

Our solution can integrate with POS systems that run on different operating systems, such as Android, iOS, and Windows.

We provide various methods to quickly import the product inventory of your POS system to our AI system.

Our system only provides AI object recognition services and does not involve any transaction or payment.

We only provide AI object recognition services and do not access or store any payment or personal data.

We specialize in product recognition and offer great implementation flexibility and a wide range of features, including product management system.


In addition, we have proven success stories and extensive operational experience in various industries, including micromarkets, convenience stores, cafeterias, bakeries, pastry shops, and others, spanning multiple countries.

Please feel free to contact us ( at any time for personalized advice, and we would be happy to provide you with a tailored proposal.