Use Case: OasisTime

(Micro-Market for Staff at a Department Store in Sendai, Japan)

AI Makes Self-Checkout More Efficient than Ever


Fast and intuitive checkout steps. No need to scan each item barcode one-by-one.

Fits Different Hardware Types

AI can be deployed on any device, as long as the camera meets the specs.

Automate Checkout

Streamline operations with AI-driven automation, reducing manual tasks and improving efficiency.

Take a Closer Look at the Steps

Pick up the products

Place, scan, ready to go

One-click identification for all items

  • Automate the self-checkout system
  • Save time and effort in searching through the menu

Integrate with payment

Fully automate the checkout process

  • Tap on [Confirm] after verifying AI identification
  • Complete the payment at the end

Purchase Completed!

  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • No more waiting in line taking up the break time

Allow the user (staff) to make the most of the break time

AI Scan



Some Frequently Asked Questions about the Case

How does Viscovery visual recognition system work?

We use state-of-the-art AI computer vision and deep learning technologies to train our models to visually identify items,

Can AI identify products without barcodes?

Sure! One of the biggest advantages of integrating AI into the checkout process is its ability to recognize products without barcodes.

Empty beverage paper cups can now be identified with AI, saving users the trouble of searching through an order menu.

AI also enables the selling of individual items typically bought in bulk. Since these non-bulk individual items do not have barcodes, they cannot be sold with a barcode self-checkout system. With AI, these and other barcode-less items can now be recognized and sold easily.

Even miniature chocolates as small as 3 centimeters in length can be identified by AI. The AI’s recognition capability applies to all product items, enhancing the flexibility and variety of items sold in a micromarket.

Can the AI system recognize baked products even with minor differences in appearance?

We use generative AI and self-supervised AI to train models with the ability to smartly differentiate among similar items or items with variations in appearance, much like how humans recognize things. Therefore, the Viscovery AI-powered Visual Checkout system can identify a wide range of products sold in bakeries, cake shops, micro-markets, convenience stores, supermarkets, cafeterias, canteens, and self-service restaurants.

How is this case being used?

The current usage of OasisTime’s AI-powered self-checkout system ranges between 300 to 400 transactions per day. All transactions are completed using AI recognition. With over 1,000 SKU items available in-store, AI effortlessly identifies each item, eliminating the need to scan each barcode.

How does Viscovery's AI image recognition system integrate with OasisTime self-checkout kiosk system?

Viscovery’s AI image recognition system seamlessly integrates with OasisTime’s self-checkout kiosk system through API. Besides, our solution can integrate with POS systems that run on different operating systems, such as Android, iOS, and Windows.

Can I import my product menu items from my POS system to the Viscovery AI system?

We provide various methods to easily import product catalog from POS system.

Does Viscovery AI system provide financial transactions and payments?

We provide AI object recognition services and work with other POS partners to provide transaction and payment services.

Will Viscovery AI system access my transaction records or any personal data?

We only provide AI object recognition services and do not store any payment or personal data.

If I want to use the AI image recognition system, but I have different ideas for the process (which is dfferent from OasisTime's), what should I do?

Feel free to reach out to us ( We would be delighted to discuss with you and determine the most suitable approach for your needs.

How much does the Viscovery AI system cost?

Please feel free to contact us ( for the latest pricing.

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