AI Revolutionizes Haidilao “Hi Noodle” Self-Checkout Experience

Feb 16, 2024

As early as 2000, the restaurant industry began using self-service ordering systems to address challenges such as labor shortages and rising labor costs. These self-service devices free up staff from merely taking orders, allowing them to focus on providing better customer service and promptly meeting customer needs. Recently, Hi Noodle, a dining brand by Haidilao in Singapore, enhanced its self-service ordering system with AI to further streamline and expedite the ordering process.

Streamline Checkout for Both Made-to-order Noodles and Ready-to-eat Sides
In order to provide both pre-prepared side dishes and freshly made noodles to customers as quickly as possible, the team at Hi Noodle dedicated considerable time and effort to optimizing the self-ordering system and processes.

Hi Noodle considered and explored various AI options. They found that Viscovery’s Vision AI could be the solution. Hi Noodle collaborated with Viscovery to create an AI-powered self-service ordering solution that accommodates both prepared and freshly cooked dishes.

In the self-service area, consumers can select and place ready-made side dishes on a tray. After choosing a noodle dish, they place the corresponding “noodle card” on the tray. The entire tray can then be positioned under the camera of the self-checkout system for AI identification of both the side dishes and the card. Subsequently, the system automatically records the meal details. All consumers need to do is “pay” and “take the pager,” which will notify them when the freshly cooked noodle is ready.

Hi Noodle pioneered the "AI self-checkout" system for noodle shops.
▲ Hi Noodle pioneered the “AI self-checkout” system for noodle shops
▲ The self-ordering process at Hi Noodle is straightforward, making it easy for customers to navigate

A Less Stressful Self-service Ordering Experience
After completing the order and payment, customers can enjoy the delicious side dishes! The piping-hot noodles will be served at the most appropriate time. In fact, the entire process incorporates another thoughtful idea: reducing pressure during self-ordering.

Choosing from a large on-screen menu with many options on a self-order kiosk can be overwhelming and challenging, especially for first-time users. The experience can be even more stressful if there is a long line of customers queued behind you. Hi Noodle simplifies the process by presenting a diverse selection of side dishes available for immediate pickup. There’s no need to “order” anything; simply “take” what you want when you see it and proceed to payment.

This streamlined process speeds up ordering and has resulted in increased sales for the store operator. Additionally, this new self-order process allows for quick purchasing of additional food items without having to wait in long lines behind the self-order kiosks.

Explore AI Solutions Based on the Existing Operation
Integrating AI or any new technology does not necessarily require discarding the existing process and starting anew. Instead, Hi Noodle enhances its current checkout procedures, strategically assessing how to utilize technology for improvement. The outcome is a mutually beneficial solution for the restaurant, staff, and customers.

▲ AI image recognition can identify side dishes, cards which representing noodles, and beverages