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Provide what shoppers want

Accurately present the products shoppers are looking for

  • Increase conversion rate
  • Enhance shoppers’ loyalty
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Break the limitation of textual search

Effectively allow searching more instinctive

  • Allow the products with the name in foreign languages or the name unknown can be searched easily
  • Increase searching tools’ usage rate
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Enhance shopping experience

Precisely recommend the most visually similar products

  • Increase repurchase rate
  • Reduce abandonment derived from products being out-of-stock by the means of recommending similar products
  • Provide value-added service with new technologies

Demo video

  • Smart Visual Search with Computer Vision AI
  • Easy to integrate
  • Effortlessly maintain up-to-date product database
  • Able to fit with your existing sales system
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Provide what shoppers want
  • Break the limitation of textual search
  • Enhance shopping experience

How it works

Simple Steps to Integrate

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    Provide Product List and Catalog

  • *

    Set up Database

  • *

    Ready to Go

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    Effortlessly Maintain Up-to-date Product Database

Steps Consumers Use Product Visual Search

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    Shoppers Take Photos and Upload the Product Images

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    Show the Identical or Visually Similar Products

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    Choose the Products for Purchase

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    Complete Payment and Wait for Goods Delivery