AI-Powered Visual Search

Create seamless, intuitive and inspiring shopping experience

1 M+
Product SKUs Learned
1 M+
Objects Recognized
1 M+
Transactions Enabled
1 %+
Search Time Saved

Limitation of Textual Search

Products with names or descriptions in foreign languages

Products which are not easily described e.g. clothes, shoes, bags, and cosmetics

Products with names that shoppers do not know

With Viscovery Visual Search, shoppers can easily find identical or visually similar clothes by taking a photo of the clothes.

Provide what shoppers want

Accurately present the products shoppers are looking for

  • Increase conversion rate
  • Enhance shoppers’ loyalty

Break the limitation of textual search

Effectively allow searching more instinctive

  • Allow the products with the name in foreign languages or the name unknown can be searched easily
  • Increase searching tools’ usage rate
With Viscovery Visual Search, shoppers can quickly find lipsticks with the same or similar color shades by simply uploading a photo of the lipstick.
With Viscovery Visual Search, shoppers can quickly find hats that are the same or have a similar appearance by simply uploading a photo of the hat.

Enhance shopping experience

Precisely recommend the most visually similar products

  • Increase repurchase rate
  • Reduce abandonment derived from products being out-of-stock by the means of recommending similar products
  • Provide value-added service with new technologies

Why Viscovery

Smart Visual Search with Computer Vision AI

Effortlessly maintain up-to-date product database

Easy to integrate with your existing sales system

Continuously improves on recognition accuracy

How It Works

Simple Steps to Integrate

Provide Product List and Catalogue
Set up Database
Ready to Go
Effortlessly Maintain Up-to-date Product Database

Easy Process to Search by Image

Shoppers Take Photos and Upload the Product Images
Show the Identical or Visually Similar Products
Choose the Products for Purchase
Complete Payment and Wait for Goods Delivery

Use Case

Nowadays, if a consumer wants to search for a product on Momoshop, such as clothing, they can simply open the Momoshop app, click the 'search by taking a photo' button, take a picture of the product, and quickly find products that are the same or have a similar appearance.


Viscovery helps momoshop, Taiwan biggest e-commerce platform, to optimize product search engine, deliver a smart shopping experience, and increase sales conversion rates by integrating product recognition and visual search solutions to momoshop’s app service.